5 Best Canopy Trays of 2023

A truck parked in the middle of a forest with canopy trays.

Looking for a new addition to your UTE?

If you spend most your time on the road, then chances are you’re looking for increased load capacity for your utility vehicle. And the best thing you could invest in is a canopy tray.

UTE canopy trays are one of the most sought after additions that pickup owners look for — and it’s easy to see why. These trays give you all the storage space you need without compromising on flexibility, safety and organization. Not to mention it also adds an element of style to your UTE, with lots of customized designs to choose from. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The problem is: with so many options on the market today, choosing a canopy tray that fits your particular needs can be a daunting task.

Not sure where to start? Don’t fret — we’ve got your covered. Here is a rundown of our picks for the top 5 best canopy trays to buy this year.

1. Dunn & Watson Standard Aluminum UTE Canopy

Dunn & Watson is a household brand when it comes to canopies — and their Standard Aluminum UTE canopy stands out as one of their products. This canopy is known for being durable, its best feature being its 3mm aluminum flat sheet. It also has one of the best security features, including key lockable doors as well as a custom made drawer system for easy access.

Key Features:

  • 2.5mm aluminum checkerplate for extra durability
  • Gas strut assisted doors for easy opening
  • Stainless steel piano hinges with nylon covers that protects against dust and moisture
  • Stainless steel folding T handles
  • Rubber weather seals around all doors to prevent any twisting
  • Braced frame that includes the doors
  • 2-year full warranty
A metal box with the door open on a white background, featuring customizable canopy trays.

Verdict: Whether you’re a tradie, camper or just a 4WD enthusiast, the Dunn & Watson Standard Aluminum UTE canopy has all the essential features for your outdoor needs. It also comes with heaps of extra accessories, so you can customize your canopy to suit your needs — from under-tray drawers, drop down ladders and even slide out kitchens.

Price: $5050 - 6400

2. Boss Aluminium M-Spec M1 Canopy

Bigger is always better — and this is particularly true when it comes to the M-Spec M1 Canopy. Its standout feature is its size which is able to fit large items. It also makes it easy to customize and add accessories. Like other canopies from the M-Spec line, this one also features a modular designed that makes it incredibly easy in case you decide to change your setup in the future. It also comes with an M-Spec spare wheel and jerry can holder.

Key features:

  • Standard M-Spec modular design
  • Adjustable tower system for more customizable design
  • Boss Alumium strong yet flexible construction design
  • Eberhard 3 Point compression locking system
  • Ripple Black power coating finish
  • Interior modules finished in M-Spec interior silver standard
  • M-Spec spare wheel mount
  • Jerry can holder
  • Optional 2pac color coded doors
a black and yellow truck with the best canopy trays.

Verdict: The Boss Aluminium M-Spec M1 Canopy is a great choice for anyone who tends to carry a lot of equipment or tools when on the road. It’s also entirely customizable for those who want to give it a more personal look. This is due to its Adjustable Tower System that allows customers to modify the setup of the interior layout of the canopy at any time.

Price: Starts at $9000

3. MRT Single Cab Canopy

The MRT Single Cab Canopy’s main feature is its 2.5 Aluminium checkerplate. Made of strong aluminum, its construction is built to be highly resistant to corrosion and will not rust in any weather conditions. Compared to steel canopies, this one is designed to be used outdoors and its natural oxide layer contribute to its durability. It also comes in an affordable price range, as its high strength and low weight design yields a reduction of project and installation costs.

Key features:

  • 2400mm x 1000mm
  • Heavy duty 2.5mm aluminium checkerplate
  • Full length piano type hinge
  • Weather proof seals to prevent moisture build up
  • Fully welded seams
  • Strong key lockable T-locks
  • In-built floor
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Optional keyless lock system
  • Solar vent
  • Internal support
  • Black powder coat finish
A silver pick up truck with a flat bed equipped with the best canopy trays.

Verdict: The MRT Single Cab Canopy made to resist all kinds of outdoor elements. Aside from its strong aluminum build, its also reinforced with weather proof seals and fully welded seams designed to keep moisture and cold air out — providing a secure location to store your tools.

Price: $3599

4. TLX 4x4 Heavy Duty Alloy 1000mm Lift-Off Canopy

As its name suggests, this canopy is built as a heavy duty option for customers looking to carry heavier set tools or equipment across the outback. What’s worth mentioning is that it has a lift-off design. This allows you to enjoy the flexibility of two vehicles in one design. During weekdays, you can use it as your workhorse to carries tools to and from work. And on the weekends, the service body of the canopy can be easily lifted off your vehicle in case you want to carry larger load like bikes or surfboards.

Key Features:

  • Customized fitting
  • Heavy duty alloy build
  • Industrial grade hinges for added security
  • Weather seals to protect against the elements
  • Rain gutters and locking handles
  • Tube reinforced rigid gullwing doors
  • Integrated welded unistrut channel rails on the roof for mounting accessories
  • Automotive paint or optional black coat finish
  • Orange and white LED canopy lights
  • One piece flat floor with no lips or edges
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Verdict: This compact and stylish canopy is a great option for customers who need secure and accessible storage while still having the option to easily remove it in case they need a full tray in their UTE. The TLX 4×4 brand is also known for its versatility and compatibility — it can be paired with all types of Category A and B vehicles, from Ford Ranger to bigger American trucks.

Price: $9495

5. AUTB Powdercoat Dual Cab Canopy

Unlike the usual canopies that come in either silver or black finish, the AUTB Powdercoat Dual Cab Canopy stands out as having a pearl white powder finish. Aside from its aesthetic value, the white powder coating adds to the steel’s durability, helping the service body and frame of the canopy withstand damages and last longer. It also helps protect against moisture and humidity than can cause metal frames to rust.

Key Features:

  • 1800 x 1800 x 860mm
  • Whie powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty 2.5mm aluminium checkerplate
  • Weather resistant rubber seals
  • Fully welded seams for added protection against moisture
  • Strong key lockable T-locks
  • Full length piano type hinge
  • In-built floor
a white truck parked in a parking lot with canopy trays.

Verdict: Because of its stylish finish and weather resistant build, the AUTB Powdercoat Dual Cab Canopy is a great option for first time customers. It features a durable and flexible framework that is a great starting point for more personalized customizations.

Price: $3250


Canopy trays are the perfect combination of design and functionality.

Whether you own a dual or single cab UTE, a canopy tray will instantly increase your storage capacity. It also protects from all kinds of external influence, particularly when you're transporting large tools or sporting equipment. They even come with tempered glass options, locks, and other security features to ensure that your equipment is properly protected. 

Aside from its functional benefits, canopy trays also improve the appearance of your vehicle. With customized designs, it gives your UTE a modern and professional look -- it shows that you're fully equipped and organized.


If it's you're first time purchasing a canopy tray, here are a few essential features to look out for:

1. Lightweight

Weight is the most important consideration when buying a canopy tray, since UTEs are prone to being poorly balanced. If you are overweight, there's a higher risk of accident and your car insurance can even be reduced or voided.

2. Security

Make sure that the canopy tray you buy is equipped with security features like durable locks or even tempered glass.

3. Side Windows

If you intend to use your canopy for sleeping, side windows provide proper ventilation. It also provides easy access to equipment inside.

4. Elevated headroom

The more space, the better. A canopy that provides extra headroom will make it easier for you to load and unload the equipment.

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