Best Fishing Kayaks in 2023

A man in a fishing kayak on the water.

Fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy Australia’s waters. 

But what if you can’t afford an expensive motorboat? That’s where fishing kayaks come in.

Compared to traditional fishing boats, fishing kayaks are a more budget friendly option to get off the shore and cast your line into deeper waters. And because they’re smaller in size, they’re easier to maneuver and access places motorboats can’t — allowing you to cover more water at a time.

Today, there are dozens of kayaks built specifically for fishing, and each one offers a unique combination of features.

Which fishing kayak is right for you? We’ll help you find out with our list of the five best fishing kayaks in 2023.

1. BAY SPORTS Pedal Pro Fish

If you plan on going fishing every weekend, the BAY SPORTS Pedal Pro Fish is an excellent option to consider. It features an Australian patented flap pedal drive system that is very quiet and lightweight at less than 5 kgs — so you can propel yourself effortlessly through the water. This fishing kayak also has a wide 87 cm hull that provides more stability and enables you to cast a line properly even from a standing position.

Key Features:

  • Flap powered pedal drive system
  • Rudder system with port side hand controlled operation
  • Premium stadium seat
  • Pistol grip swivel fishing rod holders
  • Front enclosed rectangular storage hatch
  • 18.5 liter rear storage with bungee cord
  • Anti-slip EVA deck grip
Description with "fishing kayaks": a fishing kayak in blue and black on a white background.

Verdict: As its name suggests, the BAY SPORTS Pedal Pro Fish is pedal-powered — giving you a hands-free fishing experience and allowing you more control over the kayak. Its special cog-gear system allows for faster acceleration with less pedal effort. Most of the parts also come pre-assembled, so you can get on the water faster and hassle free.

Price: $1589

2. HOBIE Mirage Passport 12

Hobie is a renowned brand known for producing quality and functional fishing kayaks — and the HOBIE Mirage Passport 12 is no exception. Compared to other fishing kayaks that weigh up to 120 pounds or more, this one is extremely lightweight at only 73 pounds so you can easily transport where you need to go. It’s also built to fit in a lot of add-on accessories, with an EVA floor that provides ample storage space as well as two H-track gear mounts for mounting electronic devices.

Key features:

  • Mirage Drive classic pedal system
  • Twist and seal hatch
  • Recessed hull space
  • ST kick-up fins
  • Bow storage with bungee cords
  • Accessory mounting tracks
  • Additional under-the-seat storage
  • With two piece paddle
A fishing kayak with paddle and two oars." (using "fishing kayaks")

Verdict: The HOBIE Mirage Passport 12 combines the best in stability and speed. These fishing kayaks allow you to cover long distances through its Mirage Drive pedal system featuring patented ST fins — making it a great option for both anglers and recreational users alike.

Price: $2699

3. HYDROTEN Big Dace Pro

If you’re looking for more stability when on rougher waters, then the HYDROTEN Big Dace Pro is a great option for you. This heavy duty fishing kayak is specially designed with a streamlined front nose that reduces the weight from the front of the kayak — so you can maneuver it more swiftly and smoothly. It also features a quality rudder system that allows you to change directions with ease.

Key features:

  • Raised aluminum seat
  • 360-degree swivel adjustable rod holder
  • Multi-purpose center console
  • Preinstalled track rails
  • Front hatch with hard hinged lid
  • Ten scupper holes with drain plugs
  • Rudder system
  • Built-in rod holders
A fishing kayak in red and black stands out against a white background.

Verdict: The HYDROTEN Big Dace Pro is a good choice for professional anglers who have the need for speed. It also provides a lot of extra storage for your personal belongings as well as fishing gear. Its raised aluminum seat makes it more comfortable for those long hours on the water.

Price: $799

4. KINGS Pro Fishing Kayak

Looking for a budget friendly kayak that won’t empty out your wallet? Then the KINGS Pro Fishing Kayak is your best bet. Despite it’s lower price range, this fishing kayak does not disappoint when it comes to quality features. It’s relatively long with a length of 3.3 meters and a wide hull that is constructed with high density polyurethane for extra durability. It also comes in a modern camouflage design that is not only stylish but also allows you to blend into your surroundings better.

Key Features:

  • 175 kg weight rating
  • Foot-controlled rudder system
  • Roto-moulded high density polyurethane hull
  • 830mm wide flat footwell
  • 361-degree swivel rod holders
a fishing kayak with a paddle attached to it.

Verdict: Even with a friendly price tag, the KINGS Pro Fishing Kayak is guaranteed to keep you afloat. This fishing kayak allows you to have more control over where you want to go, with its foot-operated rudder system coupled with a paddle holder. It also comes with a lot of extra accessories like 360-degree swivel rod holders that allow you to change direction faster.

Price: $699

5. INTEX Excursion Pro Kayak

Looking for a compact and portable kayak that you can bring with you when you travel? The INTEX Excursion Pro Kayak is inflatable — so you can easily stow it away in the trunk of your car. Its high pressure inflation provides extra durability and stability, while spring loaded valves make deflating easier and faster. This fishing kayak is constructed with tough laminated PVC enforced with a polyester core that not only makes it lightweight but also highly resistant to abrasion as well as sunlight.

Key Features:

  • 3-ply high molecular laminated PVC material
  • Polyester core
  • 2 removable skegs
  • Mounted footrests
  • Integrated recessed fishing rod holders
  • Adjustable bucket seats
  • 86 inch aluminum oars and high output pump
An inflatable boat with attached oars for fishing.

Verdict: The INTEX Excursion Pro Kayak is an inflatable two-seater fishing kayak that is designed to go from daytime excursions to long weekend fishing trips. Most of its features are completely adjustable, including its seats and foot rests to keep you comfortable while out on the water. With fishing rod holders on each side, you can enjoy hands-free fishing while still maintaining control over the kayak.

Price: $499.99


Fishing kayaks are a smaller, cheaper, and more accessible alternative to the traditional fishing boats.

Below are several reasons why fishing kayaks are catching on so quickly in Australia:

1. Accessibility and Maneuverability

Fishing kayaks allow you to go to places a motorboat can't reach -- like the nooks along the shoreline and shallower water.
This is particularly helpful in Australia, which has a lot of narrow waterways, to provide closer access to more remote spots -- meaning more fish and less water traffic.

2. Convenience

The bottom line is: you don't need a large boat to go fishing.
Fishing kayaks are easier to transport by simply tying it down on the top of your car. Some modern kayaks even come in folding or inflatable variants, which can easily be stowed away in your trunk and can be easily transported for longer distances.

3. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Fishing kayaks are completely human-powered.
This means that compared to traditional fishing boats, they have no motor and don't rely on gasoline. Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, it's also the safest way to get around shallow waterways without damaging the vegetation or shoreline.

4. Budget Friendly

Fishing kayaks are generally more affordable than larger motorized fishing boats.
And it's not just the buying price that's cheaper -- it will also help you save money in the long run since there's no motor to maintain, no hefty insurance costs, and no fuel expenses.


When it comes to fishing kayaks, there is no one-size-fits-all.

For a better chance of finding the right fit for your fishing needs, here are some of the basics to consider when buying your next fishing kayak:

1. Type of Fishing Kayaks

There's a huge variety of kayaks made for different purposes, so you need to find one that meets your specific needs.
Here are some of the most basic types:

  • Sit-on-top Kayaks -- these kayaks have the seat placed on top of the kayak, making it easy to get in and out. These types of kayaks are usually wider and user-friendly.
  • Sit-in Kayaks -- these kayaks have an enclosed space called the cockpit where you can sit while fishing. Since you sit lower, these kayaks shelter you from the wind and will give you a warmer ride.
  • Inflatable Kayaks -- these kayaks can inflate in just a few minutes and are ideal for those who paddle on shallower and calm waters.
  • Rigid Kayaks -- these kayaks are made from fiberglass, plastic, wood, or other composite materials and heavier than inflatable kayaks.

2. Weight Capacity

When out fishing, you're expected to carry a lot of equipment on the kayak.
Make sure your kayak can withstand your weight and the accessories you'll bring on board.

3. Stability

Your fishing kayak should be able to keep steady while you're on the water. It's a good idea to choose a kayak with wider hulls that allows for better balance. If you intend to stand up while fishing, avoid a V-shaped hull since these tip easily. Longer kayaks are also a good option since they cut through the water more smoothly and more stable.

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